Doggy Day Care Adventures

(Small breeds only 12kg & under)

We believe in enriching your little one’s life so they come home in a balanced, contented and tired state ready to snooze the day away. Our Doggy Day Care outings are guaranteed to lose that excess energy, those excess kilos, and leave you with a much happier pooch!

What would you prefer in the way of Doggy Day Care for your precious family member? An uninspiring and crowded doggy day care centre or an outdoors adventure with a smaller group of like-matched, small breed doggies?

Uninspiring Day Care

Uninspiring Day Care

Stimulating Day Outings

Stimulating Day Outings

What makes us different?  Most doggy day cares only offer enclosed concrete rooms under fluoro lighting in crowded conditions; or a small, uninspiring yard of artificial grass with a human plastic child’s play gym & slippery dip, and the odd dog toy scattered around.  Additional "add-ons" for pick-ups & drop-offs, and outings outside of the doggy day care premises can easily add an extra $20-50 to your initial day care cost.

When did we become so desensitized to our dogs’ needs?  Why are we trying to humanize them by placing them in these clinical conditions which we loosely refer to as “Doggy Day Care”?

In contrast, we are a full complimentary door-to-door pick up and drop off service. We know you are pushed for time so we will collect your pooch from your home, and together with a small group (12kg & under) of like-matched doggies, visit various Council approved locations for leash-free time (provided you give us the "OK" and they pass our strict testing procedure).

Our fur charges will be allowed to do what dogs do!!!   Swimming, chasing scents, playing fetch, socializing, digging holes, running free!  Your dog is guaranteed to actually ENJOY their time in the great outdoors!  Following their “outdoor doggy day care adventure” we will return them to your home and offer any snacks you may have left, plenty of fresh water, and a whole lot of love and cuddles before leaving them in your secured environment.  

Daily updates will be placed on our Facebook Page, and Instagram, for your enjoyment.

PLEASE NOTE:   We do not hire sub-contractors so it will be myself, business owner/operator of Carol’s Contented Critters, that you will be dealing with throughout the whole process.

Places are strictly limited and all dogs are temperament and behaviour assessed individually at an initial one-on-one outing and must pass this assessment before being integrated into a regular pack.


Days Available:                
Monday - Friday  (Weekend and Public Holiday Surcharges Apply)

Outing period:                 

Spring, Summer

07.30am – 9.00am doggy day adventure
(Pick up by us 6:30-7:30am, Drop off by us 9.00-10.00am)

Autumn, Winter

8.30am – 10.00am doggy day adventure 
(Pick up by us 7.30am-8.30am, Drop off by us 10.00am-11.00am)

1 x 1.5hr regular adventure pack walk a week $40.00
2 x 1.5hr regular adventure pack walks a week $75.00
Every additional regular 1.5hr adventure pack walk a week $35.00
Casual 1.5hr adventure pack walks (ie. Not a regular weekly booking) $50.00
One Additional dog per family $15.00

Yes! Your dog/s get a full 1.5hrs of stimulating play!!!

We will reschedule any outings that fall on days of inclement weather.

Dogs at the pond

Special Requirements:  To ensure the safety of our fur charges, all prospective pet parents must be able to:

To register your interest and claim your No Obligation, Complimentary “Meet & Greet” at your home, Register Here

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